Anger Management in Toronto

If you have difficulties with anger management, Toronto counsellor Betty Stockley can help. Betty has experience with multiple types of therapy and counselling, and she understands that we have all learned certain patterns of behaviour and ways of relating to others from our childhood and other life experiences.

Many people have difficulty expressing angry feelings effectively; other people have difficulty finding appropriate ways to communicate their anger. Some people use anger as a weapon; others hide behind their anger so as not to reveal their fears and vulnerabilities.

The instinctive way to express anger is to act aggressively. Anger is a natural and adaptive response to what we perceive as threats, and it allows us to fight and defend ourselves when we feel attacked. This means that a certain amount of anger is necessary for our survival; however, we can’t physically lash out at people or things that irritates or annoys us. Some people find it difficult to control their angry responses.

If you are finding that anger is causing difficulties in any area of your life – in your family or intimate relationship, in your work or social activities – or if anger is getting in the way of your ability to live a happy and productive life, then you may benefit from a course in Anger Management.

What Does Anger Management Do?

The goal of anger management in Toronto is to reduce both your emotional feelings and the physiological arousal that anger can cause. While you can’t remove or get rid of the events, people, or places that enrage you, you can learn to control your actions towards those things. If you act in ways that seem out of control and frightening while you’re angry, you may want to find better ways to deal with your anger. Anger management with Betty Stockley in Toronto can help.

Included are the following topics:

  • Exploring the origins of anger in your family of origin (Parents and siblings) and in your family of choice (spouse/partner and children)
  • Knowing your trigger points …what makes you angry
  • Understanding the phases of anger
  • Recognizing the costs of anger: personal, occupational, financial, legal, social
  • Acknowledging the consequences of your anger
  • Exploration of feelings beneath the anger
  • Taking responsibility for self-control
  • Creating healthy boundaries
  • Understanding your stressors and learning alternate ways of dealing with them
  • Learning how anger affects children
  • Developing self-relaxation techniques
  • Developing assertiveness
  • Developing new communication techniques to enhance primary and other relationships
  • Developing new techniques for resolution of anger

Why Get Anger Management in Toronto?
Trouble managing your anger can lead to problems in your well-being and life, but it can also negatively affect your loved ones and friends. Extreme outbursts of emotion, or physical reactions to stressful situations, can alienate those around you and cause you to lose friends, lose connections with your loved ones, and potentially even lose jobs. When you can appropriately communicate your feelings to others, these problems will occur less often. Anger management in Toronto will help curb the negative effects of your anger and lead to a more fulfilling life.

The Toronto and other GTA patients we see find that exploring the origins of your anger, identifying the triggers, and managing your anger in a healthy manner can lead to better relationships with those around you at home, work, and in social environments. With anger management counselling in Toronto, you can learn to sense your angry reactions before they occur. That way, you can control both your internal and external responses so that you react more appropriately and calmly to stressful situations. This change of response could possibly save your career, your marriage, your relationships with children, and other important factors in your life.

If you think you might be helped by anger management in Toronto, get in touch with Betty Stockley Counselling today. We’ll set up an appointment give you the tools to better manage your reactions through our counselling program.

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