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Marriage & Couples Counselling Services in Toronto

Any marriage or relationship can experience trouble and turmoil over time. If your relationship appears to be breaking down, you may want to consider marriage or couples counselling services. Toronto psychotherapist Betty Stockley has more than 30 years of experience in this area and has met with many couples.

Betty notes that we all get career training; otherwise we would not be able to do the job. But where do we get training for one of the most important roles that we will ever perform in life – the role of husband or wife?

Unfortunately we do not enter this world with our brains wired for optimum performance in this most crucial area of our lives. And so, we repeat the relationship patterns of our family of origin, never understanding why we act the way we do.

Whether it’s through couples or marriage counselling, Toronto psychotherapist Betty Stockley can help to open the doorway to communication and guide you through healthy relationship changes.

When to Receive Marriage Counselling in Toronto

Every relationship will experience highs and lows – a normal aspect of close relationships such as marriage. Determining whether your marriage is experiencing a small bump or if it’s something more serious that requires professional counseling may be easier than you think. You may want to seek marriage counselling in Toronto after:

  • Major life changes: major transitions such as expecting your first child or suffering the loss of a family member can cause your relationship to change. Couples counselling can help you get through these changes and find your relationship’s new normal.
  • Your spouse brings up counselling: If you feel that your relationship is stable and your spouse suggests couples therapy, you might feel like you’ve failed or that your spouse is considering divorce. That’s usually not the case. If your spouse is being proactive about getting marriage counselling, it means that he or she wants the marriage to work.
  • You feel stagnant: All relationships experience rough patches, but if you feel like you’re not progressing or that you’re the only one working at the relationship, professional marriage counselling can help you find a solution.

Communicate Better with Your Partner — Call Betty Stockley

A troubled marriage can lead to troubled family life in general. Even if you think you and your spouse are discreet with problems and altercations, your children will be able to sense there is a problem. Children are great imitators of their parents, so if they see arguments, name-calling, or hitting at home they will repeat these negative behaviours with their friends and peers. Often, children in troubled homes will feel insecure, which could be reflected in poor grades, bad behaviour at school, or even depression.

To prevent your relationship from negatively affecting your children, you need to pursue a course of specific discovery to fully understand with your head and your heart the job requirements of the role of husband or wife. You and your partner can undertake this important course of discovery with Betty’s help through marriage counselling or couples counselling in Toronto, which are designed to prepare you to successfully fulfill your role in your relationship. Don’t delay another minute when you could be enjoying a much happier and healthier relationship — call Betty Stockley for couples and marriage counselling in Toronto. You’ll be glad you and your partner took the time to call.

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