Looking at Our World Through Poetry: The Dance of Love

The Dance of Love

Your body joins my body
In a Dance of Love -
A dance as old
As the world itself.

Heart rings out its siren song

Of primal need
As your heart replies to my heart
With a music all our own:
A Symphony
Written for our bodies
From our conception.

When your body
First joined
With my body,
You and I -
Two halves
Finally made one whole.
One plus One
Truly became One
In a mathematical formula _
Designed for us;
For we two -
Become One.

Our Love,
Made visible,
In this, our first moment
Of physical connection.
Two bodies,
Each returning home
After its solitary sojourn;
Its time apart from the other,
Form the union
That is the Life-Source
The Life-Giver
The Life-Renewer.

Two bodies,
Separating in Real Time
In geographic time |
And in distance,
But two bodies
Still together
Still entwined,
Each in the other;
Each vibrant with sensation
In memory of the other;
Each tremulous with need
As the beloved form
Of the other is recalled
Is seen
Is felt again
In Emotional Time.

Each,a participant
In the wondrous Dance of Togetherness;
Each fulfilled
As he/she goes again
To the Fountain of Miraculous Moments
To commune again,
Body to Body
Mind to Mind
Soul to Soul
In Spiritual Union -
The Union that vanquishes

And each
Returns to everyday life,
For the vicissitudes of Life
For the difficult journeys
That lie ahead.

Oh, Love,
Your gifts are great
And I am awed, anew,
By your presence.

Betty R. Stockley
Copyright 2001