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Betty Stockley, director of Betty Stockley Counselling, is an experienced psychotherapist who has helped individuals and families make positive changes in their lives through counselling and through her writing, developmental programs and seminars. In this blog, Betty Stockley Counselling Services shares with you some of the insights and information we have gained through our years of experience offering counselling in Toronto. If you’ve been hesitating about whether to seek the help of a professional counsellor, this blog will help you get to know us, our philosophy and our approaches to therapy.

Please keep in mind that the information presented here is general; to discuss your personal goals and challenges, we encourage you to call and make an appointment to speak with one of our counsellors.

  • woman with her head down in the background struggling from stress and cluthing to a glass full of alcohol
    Stress and Addiction

    Stress is at an all-time high in our work places and in our homes.

    We are fearful of losing our jobs as companies downsize or move the majority of their operations off-shore.

    Businesses are expecting many of us to spend longer and longer hours at work and to take work home with us. We oblige them. Often we spend our evenings responding to that inner compulsion to do what we perceive to be our duty – to formulate our replies to the multitudinous emails.

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  • young woman smiling and journaling with a smile on her face remembering and thinking of a positive memory
    Positive Remembering

    Two people meet and fall in love. Time passes and then, one day, he takes her to a special place and surprises her. Their special place could be a park, a restaurant, a room in one of their homes, some landmark place in their city, etc.

    He asks her to marry him. She says “yes’ and a beautiful ring is placed on her finger.

    Her eyes sparkle, her face glows. Yes, the ring sparkles too, but no diamond could ever outshine the beauty or the luminosity of her face. Her happiness shines from within, illuminating her whole being, spreading outward to touch those who love her.

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  • A young couple brushing their teeth together
    Sexuality/Sensuality/Intimacy Training

    In our highly technological society, in order to obtain a job we must engage in years of formalized training. We must continue life-long training, updating our skills to maintain a level of expertise that will allow us to continue to compete in the job market.

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  • a woman experiencing emotional trauma holds her head in her hands and looks distraught
    Choosing Trauma

    We complain about the trauma in our lives. We cry, as well we might, over the tragedies and misfortunes that have seemingly followed us through life – the bad marriage, the failed business, the troubled children, the poor communication with our families and with our peers, etc.

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