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Affordable Family Counselling in Toronto

Are you concerned about a feeling, behaviour, or sudden life change that is disrupting your personal relationships? If so, we are here to help you. At Betty Stockley Counselling, we offer family counselling services in Toronto and surrounding areas.

Families are usually formed with each individual having all the best intentions. Partners marry or decide to cohabitate in a condition of bliss. They believe the next step is to share their lives and make a home together. This is usually a place where they expect to be comfortable, loved, happy, accepted, and understood. Often, families face tremendous stress due to managing responsibilities and relationships. Conflicts and adversity can lead to feelings of worry and sadness that can tear families and relationships apart.

Betty Stockley Counselling  has been providing reliable family counselling services in Toronto over 35 years . We offer counselling for children age 5  to 17 year old ( adolescents).


What is Family Therapy?

It is a form of psychotherapy which seeks to reduce distress and conflict by improving interaction between family members. It’s framework is different from individual counselling. This counselling views problems as patterns which need adjusting. Here are some common reasons for seeking such help:

  • Domestic violence
  • Unexpected loss of a family member
  • A major change which has impacted the entire family 
  • Divorce

Positive Outcomes of Family Therapy

This can be helpful in many ways, some of them are:

  • It develops healthy boundaries
  • It promotes problem solving through understanding of family dynamics
  • It reduces conflict
  • Builds empathy
  • Improves communication skills
  • It helps to identify strengths and weakness within family

This counselling is often used together with other types of mental health treatment. Some mental health programs include a family therapy component while a loved one is in treatment. It encourages each family member to pursue individual therapy.


What is Play Therapy?

Children and adolescents often have difficulty expressing themselves verbally, whether with peers or with adults. 

Play therapy is a therapeutic approach which uses the client's natural creativity and imagination as a vehicle through which they can freely explore their feeling in a safe, non-threatening environment.

Included :

  • Art (drawing, painting & sculpture)
  • Creative writing
  • Dance /movement
  • Music -instrumental& vocal
  • puppetry
  • sandplay
  • Storytelling


For more information, please reach out to us.


Have the Relationship You Desire with Your Loved Ones

Our counsellor, Betty Stockley, offers helpful guidance in helping you move beyond personal and interpersonal challenges. In counselling families, she brings her more than 35 years of experience to work in a number of psychological areas such as the loss of the loved ones, conflicts, depression, and more where family counselling can play a beneficial role in healing. Hundreds of families have been helped through her caring, logical, and positive approach. Betty and her team work with parents and children of all ages.

At Betty Stockley Counselling,  Betty can meet with the parents together or individually. She listens to their individual stories, and she hears their respective perceptions. She will then meet with the child/children. If the child is very young, play therapy is often utilized. Through play and the use of psychological board games and therapeutic conversations, the child’s perception of the family’s situation is heard and honoured. Therapy with all members of the family continues individually and together until a resolution of the problem is reached. Call Betty Stockley Counselling  for more information about family counselling in Toronto! Please read our blog to learn our services.


Our family counselling in Toronto is completely confidential. It goes without saying that we do not disclose our client’s details to anybody. We understand that you have come to us in good faith and we respect both families and individuals and strive to help you with your family relationship challenges.

Please check out our other services such as Eating disorders and Grief counselling. You can also fill out the online form, if you have any questions. We are available for emergency appointments.

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