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Looking at Our World Through Poetry: Impenetrable Space

Create your space To welcome you With what you need For your physical, emotional And spiritual well-being.

Arrange your space To optimize the Best in Yourself. Be aware of your space Be aware of yourself Be aware of your Inner And outer space. Place at the portal of your space This rule - this reminder: Beyond this boundary, The cares of the world Will not penetrate. Create your space So that it welcomes you With open arms. Leave beyond its walls, All confusion, trauma, betrayal, Hostility, misunderstandings. Nurture within your space, Creativity, tenderness, grace And gentleness. Let unconditional love Of yourself Be a constant within this Hallowed spot - your home. Determine that it will always be Your safe place - A place that welcomes you with open, and loving arms; A space where you are held Within arms of your own creation A space you return to, ever, To feel safety and inner peace. Betty R. Stockley Copyright 1999


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