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Looking at Our World Through Poetry: The Dance of Love

The Dance of Love Your body joins my body In a Dance of Love - A dance as old As the world itself.

Heart rings out its siren song Of primal need As your heart replies to my heart With a music all our own: A Symphony Written for our bodies From our conception. When your body First joined With my body, You and I - Two halves Finally made one whole. One plus One Truly became One In a mathematical formula _ Designed for us; For we two - Become One. Our Love, Crystallized Made visible, In this, our first moment Of physical connection. Two bodies, Each returning home After its solitary sojourn; Its time apart from the other, Form the union That is the Life-Source The Life-Giver The Life-Renewer. Two bodies, Separating in Real Time In geographic time | And in distance, But two bodies Still together Still entwined, Each in the other; Each vibrant with sensation In memory of the other; Each tremulous with need As the beloved form Of the other is recalled Is seen Is felt again In Emotional Time. Each,a participant In the wondrous Dance of Togetherness; Each fulfilled As he/she goes again To the Fountain of Miraculous Moments To commune again, Body to Body Mind to Mind Soul to Soul In Spiritual Union - The Union that vanquishes Space Time Preconceptions Differences. And each Returns to everyday life, Refreshed Refueled For the vicissitudes of Life For the difficult journeys That lie ahead. Oh, Love, Your gifts are great And I am awed, anew, By your presence. Betty R. Stockley Copyright 2001


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