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Are you concerned about a feeling, behaviour, or sudden life change that is disrupting your personal relationships, work, or school work? Presently, do you find it more difficult to cope with what were previously simple matters? Dr. Betty Stockley is here to offer an open ear and helpful guidance in helping you move beyond personal and interpersonal challenges. If you have been considering counselling, Toronto counselor Dr. Betty Stockley can assist you in moving past many of life's difficulties. As a widely recognized therapist Betty employs methods such as play therapy and talk therapy to achieve patients’ goals. For more than 40 years, she has addressed a wide variety of issues that range from marriage counselling to addictions; anger management to autism. Eating disorders and bereavement are problems that are commonly confronted, and addictions are always a focus. If you find yourself unable to move beyond a certain feeling, illness, symptom, or life crisis, counselling may be the best approach in resolving your particular situation.

For those in crisis, Betty has always taken a concerned, yet practical approach. Through her counselling, developmental programs, books, and seminars, she works to guide those with personal and interpersonal crises to a place of understanding and a place where healing and growth can occur.

To see if counselling is the right way to approach your particular challenge, call Betty Stockley to set up an appointment.

Counselling Toronto Couples, Families and Individuals

In counselling Toronto couples, individuals, adults, and children, Dr. Betty Stockley brings her more than 40 years of experience to work in a number of counselling areas, such as the loss of a loved one, depression, family conflicts, addiction, and many other topics where therapy can play a beneficial role in healing and growth. Dr. Betty Stockley is known for her casual, personal manner. These attributes make it easy to converse complex topics with her as you work to resolve your particular stumbling block in your life.

"Talk therapy" is beneficial in many areas of treatment, but is essential in the treatment of depression and bipolar disorder. Through this form of therapy, Betty can help you to better understand your illness, as well as define, plan, and achieve your wellness goals. By forming an alliance with an experienced counselor, you can do more than worry about your particular challenge — you will have a guiding hand to walk you through all the various feelings, thoughts, and life issues that are preventing you from achieving your full potential. By discussing topics large and small, talk therapy is a great way to help patients cope with present realities and prepare for a better future.

In her blog, Betty touches on topics related to stress, addiction, marriage breakdowns, intimacy, and trauma. For those looking for a better understanding of her style and how she approaches a variety of treatments, this blog may be worth reading.

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Noted Author

Additionally, Dr. Betty Stockley is the author of both a blog and the book Growing through Crisis: From Loneliness to Love – a guide to dealing with personal crisis and building a positive future.

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