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Bereavement Counselling at Betty Stockley Counselling Services

Dr. Betty R. Stockley, B.A., M.Ed., C.T., B.C.E.T.S., is widely recognized as an educator, psychotherapist and lecturer. She is a member of the Association for Death Education and Counselling and of the Bereavement Ontario Network. Betty is also a Certified Member and Certified Supervisor of the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress.

She has an extensive background in Grief Therapy and in the field of Loss and Trauma.

The road to recovery after a loss, be it through death, divorce or separation can be a long and painful one.

The time-line for this journey varies for each of us. Sometimes one becomes so lost and confused that we have difficulty coping with day-to-day activities.

We are here to help you work through these difficult times, to offer support and encouragement and to give you the strength and confidence you need to carry on and begin to build a new life for yourself.

Areas covered include:

• Understanding our grief

• Stages of grief

• The importance of rituals

• Children and grief

• Grief and culture

• The anniversary reaction

• Where do I go from here?

• Complicated bereavement, or are there other complications?

• Where did everybody go? The loneliness that sets in after the early period of mourning

• Utilizing support systems and how can I rebuild my life?

There are many things we can learn to do in counselling which are therapeutic. Please give us a call now so that we may begin the healing process!

We provide individual, couple, and family bereavement counselling.

“In sharing our vulnerabilities, we find our strengths, in loving ourselves, we find that we can love others.” B. StockleyDr

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