Family Counselling in Toronto – Working Together for Healthy Relationships

Families are usually formed with each partner having all the best intentions.

Partners marry or decide to cohabitate in a condition of bliss. They have fallen in love. They believe the next step is to share their lives and together make a home. This is usually a place where they expect to be comfortable, loved, happy, accepted, understood, etc. Sometimes that plan works, but more than often not, something goes wrong. Life gets in the way- little or big event happens, some unkind words are said, and misunderstanding occurs. The individual or individuals feel hurt and one or both often react in anger.

Paradise is lost, at least for a while. Doubts enter and sadness or anger occupy the house that was once a safe place.  The home is now considered unsafe.

If the couple is wise, one or the other will suggest reaching out to a trusted family member, a friend, a respected member of the community, or they may suggest reaching out to a professional – to family counselling in Toronto.

Dr. Betty Stockley, a psychotherapist at Betty Stockley Counselling Services, has experience in family counselling in Toronto for over 30 years. Hundreds of families have been helped through her caring, logical, and positive approach. Betty works with parents and with children of all ages.

Betty meets with the parents together and/or individually. She listens to their individual stories, and she hears their respective perceptions. She will then meet with the child/children. If the child is very young, Play Therapy is often utilized.  Through play and the use of psychological board games and therapeutic conversation, the child’s perception of the family’s situation is heard and honoured.

Therapy with all members of the family continues individually and together until a resolution of the problem is reached.

Have the Relationship You Desire with Your Loved Ones

To see if family counselling in Toronto is the right approach to your particular issues, call Betty Stockley to set up an appointment.

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