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Growing Through Crisis

From Loneliness To Love

Both individuals and families can benefit from Betty's personal experiences by reading her book.

Her personal and informal manner, coupled with an unfailing belief in the unshakeable worth in each of us has enabled her to put down in words and help a wide variety of people from all walks of life.

This book is well worth it, in that you will learn and be encouraged to use all of the methods of dealing with your personal crisis and find ways to build a positive future for you and others.

Call us to find out where you can buy this tremendous guide to your bright and fulfilling future.

An Excerpt from My Book, Growing through Crisis: From Loneliness to Love

Come share with me.

Come! Come with me as together we enter the pages of this book – pages that comprise some of the darkest and saddest days of my life, but pages that also record Goodness and Beauty – a Goodness found in the simple and kind deeds of one human to another; a Beauty so poignant and compelling that it touches the soul with searing truths. Come make a mystical connection as the world of the Spirit unravels before our eyes as human hand reaches out to human hand. As your human soul touches my human soul in gentle healing, divine sparks ignite and we both feel warmth and a Beauty that is not only of this earth.

Come, let us share our heartaches, our loneliness, our despair. Let us share, too, our potentials, our friendships, our joys.

Come, let us show each to the other our most precious humanness, our uniqueness. We shall part eventually but not wholly, for we shall, forever, leave a little portion of ourselves each with the other and we shall each be the richer because we – you and I – met today.

Betty R. Stockley

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