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Give Your Relationship Another Chance with Marriage Counselling in Toronto

It is a well-known fact that any relationship can face complications over time. Making your partnership work requires time and constant effort. Sometimes, however, professional intervention may be needed to solve more challenging problems. If your relationship appears to be breaking down, you may want to consider marriage counselling or couples therapy. Our psychotherapist, Betty Stockley, has more than 35 years of experience in marriage/couples counselling in Downtown Toronto.


Even couples with minor problems can benefit from our marriage counselling services by solving issues before they become too big. We have helped many couples by saving their marriages and have, in many cases, even been successful in saving relationships that were on the verge of termination. During each session, Betty Stockley Counselling provides you with personalized insights, tips and tools about your relationship. We also help you develop the communication skills necessary to sustain your relationship with your significant other. 


If you are looking for  marriage counselling service in Toronto, reach out to Betty Stockley Counselling .  Let us help you.

When To Seek Marriage Counselling?

Betty Stockley Counselling understands how unique your relationship is and wants to help you develop the skills necessary to address the inevitable issues you and your significant other encounter. It may be a good idea to seek marriage counselling after experiencing:

  • Major life changes: Major transitions such as suffering the loss of a family member or expecting your first child can cause your relationship to experience changes. Couples counselling can help you get through these changes and find the new normal of your relationship.
  • Your spouse brings up counselling: If you feel that your relationship is stable and your spouse suggests couples counselling, you may feel that your spouse is considering a divorce. That is usually not the case. If your spouse is being proactive about getting marriage counselling, it most likely means that he or she wants the marriage to work.
  • You feel stagnant: Professional marriage counselling can help you find a solution when you feel like you are not progressing or that you are the only one working on the relationship.

How Can Counselling Help My Marriage?

Through couples counselling, you can identify the core of the problems affecting your relationship. You can also get personalized tips and tricks about what to do to help your relationship last longer, the most important of which is effective communication. Additionally, through marriage counselling, you can also develop the skills necessary to keep your partner happy and your relationship blooming.

What To Expect ?

During each session, you will have the chance to talk in a safe space about the problems your relationship is facing and how they are affecting you. At the same time, you must be prepared to listen to the areas in which, according to your partner, you lack. You must also be open-minded and receptive towards the techniques that we will share to modify your behaviour.

Issues we Can Help Resolve

Betty Stockley Counselling  in Toronto can help resolve relationship problems by focusing on the following:

  • Lack of communication: If you and your partner have grown apart, you are unlikely to communicate your wants, needs, fears etc., with each other. This can sour down the relationship and pull you two further apart. Marriage counselling offers a suitable environment to sit together and communicate openly.
  • Lack of trust: If you and your partner do not communicate enough or have too many miscommunications, you are bound to lose trust in each other. We can help you by facilitating open communication between you and your partner so that both of you are aware of each other’s true feelings and intentions.
  • Intimacy issues: Once you and your partner grow apart, it is going to become difficult to be intimate. Even if you do manage to get some moments of privacy, there is a high possibility that you are not going to enjoy them. Marriage counselling can help you by taking you back to be a couple, instead of two individuals, thus reigniting the spark.

Marriage preparation counselling

We have a 10 weeks course which is designed to help couples explore the following major area and issues which may have an impact on their future lives together.

  • Defining marriage and relationship

  • Love and friendship

  • Your family of origin

  • Knowing yourself and your partner

  • Financial issue

  • Power issue

  • Trust and commitment

  • Feelings and communication

  • Sexuality and romance

  • Children

Contact Betty Stockley Counselling in Toronto

You and your partner can undertake this important course of discovery with Betty’s help through marriage/couples counselling. This counselling is designed to prepare you to successfully fulfill your role in your relationship. Betty Stockley Counselling is conveniently located in Downtown Toronto. Call us today for more information about our marriage counselling services in Toronto! We offer in-person and online appointments through facetime or skype. We also provide grief counselling, eating disorder counselling and more.

Please read our blog to get more information about our services. 

Save Your Relationship

Our marriage counselling sessions in Toronto can help resolve the problems

you and your partner might be facing.

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