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Dependable Intergenerational Counselling Services in Toronto

Intergenerational trauma is a traumatic event that started years prior to the current generation in a family and has impacted the ways in which individual members of a family understand, interact with, and heal from trauma. At Betty Stockley Counselling, we offer intergenerational counselling in Toronto and surrounding areas. Betty Stockley is an experienced therapist who has in-depth knowledge of working with multiple family members. She can help you resolve conflicts, get a deeper understanding of each other, and the relations that connect you to your family. Identifying generational behavioural patterns can help the current generation see how their problems are rooted in previous generations. Intergenerational trauma can adversely affect families as a result of:

Untreated substance abuse
Poor parent-child relationship
Passing on of family traditions, rituals, and beliefs
Unresolved thoughts and emotions about a traumatic event

In her blog, Betty touches on topics related to stress, marriage breakdowns, intimacy, and trauma. For those looking for a better understanding of her style and her approach to a variety of treatments, this blog may be worth reading. Contact us today to learn more about our counselling services.

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